Largest Chinese TV Viewership

iTalkBB Chinese TV allows audiences to access Chinese-language content, including more than 60 live streaming channels and on-demand shows as well as movies through a set top box. Since 2012, it has earned a viewership of 2 million user base. iTalkBB Chinese TV is the largest and fastest-growing Chinese language television service in North America with a 60% market share of Chinese TV users. iTalkBB is one of the most well-known Chinese-brands in North America with one in six Chinese families being active users of iTalkBB’s services. iTalkBB Media manages all the advertising services of iTalkBB Chinese TV through its innovative, geo-targeted advertising platform which are now available for users through all digital avenues such as tablet, mobile, desktop and more. iTalkBB Media provides strategic solutions for advertisers to reach the Chinese demographic in North America.

How is iTalkBB TV different from traditional media?

1. Reaching Targeted Audience

Geo-targeting by region, city, province, national

2. Fully Engaged Ad Views

Non-skippable advertisements placed before all selected programs

3. Guaranteed Reach

Pay for actual delivery

System-generated reports providing daily aggregated viewership metrics, including:

Frequency (when and how often your ad is watched)

Geographic (where it is being watched)

Programming (before which media type is your ad being watched)

iTalkBB TV streams through the iTalk TV HD app, which can be downloaded by phone, tablet, laptop, and even Smart TV or through AirPlay or Chromecast, making the best Chinese language content easily accessible to viewers. With the launch of iTalkBB TV HD, viewers can seamlessly enjoy content in up to 1080P FHD quality, anytime, anywhere. The new iTalkBB TV HD app allows users to:

Use multiple apps simultaneously with Multitasking and Picture-in-Picture.

iTalkBB TV HD makes the most out of the iOS operating system, letting viewers scale down their video to reply to emails, browse the web, or keep in touch with friends as they watch their favorite TV shows, movies, and videos - all with a simple tap.

Browse, select, and watch shows in Landscape Mode.

With more available display space, iTalkBB TV HD makes it a breeze for users to browse and watch shows, all while in Landscape Mode, creating a more fluid and friction-free user experience without having to rotate their device.

Better viewing experience in low-light environments.

iTalkBB TV HD’s Dark Mode interface allows viewers to better focus on the content itself and for a more immersive, distraction-free watching experience.

Interact with other fans through comments.

The new iTalkBB TV HD app lets viewers provide feedback about what they’re watching. To make the viewing experience more immersive, fans can weigh in about their favorite content in real-time.

Watch on the big screen with AirPlay and Chromecast.

In one simple step, iTalkBB TV HD viewers can wirelessly stream their favorite shows and movies through any compatible AirPlay or Chromecast TV screen without signal lag.