• Authentically Reach the $1 Trillion* Market

    Work with the No. 1 Asian content provider in North America to connect with the Asian American Community

Market Size

230,000+ Asian American Households Viewership in United States

Brand Awareness

800+ Successful Multicultural Campaigns Reached to the Asian American Community


Connect with 920,000+ Individuals with Strong Purchasing Power
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Why iTalkBB Media

The Most Effective Marketing Solution to Asian Americans

iTalkBB Media is proud to help brands and businesses to effectively target the Asian community with our unique STB advertising solutions. We provide addressable and measureable advertising services and productively maximize exposure of our partners across the nation or selected DMAs- not only through set-top boxes but also across all possible venues.

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Our Clients

We partner with agencies, brands and local businesses to effectively promote products and services tailored to our viewers’ needs and wants.
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